Lez, the maintenance lady     [Jan 9, 2023]

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Canada Geese stretch and splash.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee has concluded that Canada Geese, in general, are ungainly and awkward. We have seen one do a "face plant" as it came in for a landing on the estuary. But today, it was the way in which they clean themselves while floating on the water. Lots of splashing and honking. Quite interesting to watch.

Time to weigh the tanks, including the propane too. LOL, yes Lee weighs Hobbes too. 12 pounds is par.

Today was a day at my sewing machines. Yes, I have two with me - one is a regular sewing machine, with a gazillion different kinds of stitches for embellishing quilt work, or various seams; it has zig zag stitches both pointed and curved, and a dozen different other fancy stitches, including button holes. The other machine - a mid-arm machine that does nothing but move a threaded needle up and down. There are no feed dogs to assist the fabric under the presser foot. The presser foot also doesn't touch the fabric - so I can move a quilt with all the layers under the needle to get a pattern stitched through. Yes, several containers of threads and re-wound bobbins complement the machines.

I do my own maintenance, and today the mid-arm required major attention to the tension springs to get the top and bottom threads equally stitching through the layers of the top and bottom fabric. There is a small spot for oiling and giving a general dusting to the whole machine had me smoothly quilting the Parksville Quilt Guild's baby comfort quilt to which I will add the finishing touches, the binding and a label tomorrow.

Meanwhile, with the evening settling in, another Yellowstone episode entertained us.