The Schooner smells like something is cooking     [Dec 31, 2022]

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Baking the oliebollen.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

One of the Dutch traditions that Lee and Lez like to keep is the making of oliebollen and appelflappen. Those are, literally, oil balls and apple flaps. So good. Dusted with icing sugar and enjoyed anytime accompanied by just about anything.

It is apparent some 110 volt circuits in the Schooner are not working. As Lee investigates, he wanders over to see neighbour Ron who has his own issue to deal with. His kitchen sink waste tank will not empty. He has contacted a maintenance guy who has come over to help. Sure enough, they get it fixed, er, drained. As we stand there, I blurt out that some of my circuits are dead. He says - check the GFI plug in the bathroom. If it is not working, it generally impacts other circuits in a typical RV. I go back and sure enough, the GFI plug will not reset.

Another trip to Home Hardware on Monday. Stay tuned.

Old Year's Day - celebrated in the Netherlands with munching on Oliebollen and Appelflappen. So, we have the mix ready to beat, and the mixer won't start. The fireplace won't start (it's electric). The breaker has not tripped. Some of the other circuits are not working. With some investigation, the GFI in the bathroom won't reset. Apparently this affects multiple circuits in an RV. We can still make the Applefappen, so all is not lost. Computer circuit is working. Big sigh of relief.