The artist in Lez comes out     [Dec 12, 2022]

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Cookie decorating time.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lez has icing sugar up to her elbows but the cookies look real good with icing on them.

It was so warm in the Schooner this afternoon with the bright sunlight streaming through our south facing windows that we actually had the heating turned off. This is winter on the coast.

This is my very first attempt at filling an icing bag for decorating a cookie or a cake or anything like that.

I learned that the icing is easy to make, and that food colouring gives a very deep, rich version of the colour. I was afraid the white icing would make a light colour - like the red would look pink. Nope! It's good.

I learned that the icing piping bag is really hard on the hands as you squeeze it and try to draw. I actually blew out the piping point from the bag and ended up with a big glob of icing. The sixth cookie was starting to look like the character I wanted.

I learned that quilting is much easier.