Black Bear Pubbing     [Nov 14, 2022]

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A great time with friends from Edmonton.

Map - Parksville to the Black Bear Pub and back

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

We had a great lunch with Ted and Barb Biggs in Nanaimo today. They are helping their son with a house build in Ucluelet. They were on their way back to Edmonton, but will be back before Christmas.

We picked up the supplies to build Lee's new desk. Tomorrow things get serious.

A great visit with one of the Macarena ladies - Barb and her hubby Ted, longstanding friends from the old neighbourhood in Edmonton. There were a dozen plus moms who babysat each others young-uns and when our kids grew up we remained very good friends and continue to gather once a month. Over the years we have done some group travel - Vegas, Phoenix and Seattle just to name a few places. I do miss the gatherings, but via Zoom a virtual pop into their gathering night is possible.