Enjoying the estuary sunshine     [Oct 15, 2022]

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Chuck gleams in the sunshine.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee spent a number of hours cleaning and polishing Chuck. He doesn't think Chuck has looked this good since we picked him up at the dealer. Except maybe the hail storm damage on the front hood and roof.

With no appointments or commitments, today turned into a chore day as some basic cleaning was needed inside the Schooner. The estuary was very calm, the tide hardly adding rippples to the section by our spot. An interestng fallen tree trunk resembles a spitfire aircraft, another trunk looks like a monster. The ducks don't care and they were photographed too.

We put on the fire bowl and settled in to enjoy the warmth and calm as it quickly got dark. Ron, our neighbour came over and we had lively conversations as the flatlander and tree-hugger voiced various opinions.