The goats were on the roof     [Oct 11, 2022]

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OK, so now for the winter chores.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

A sunny day, perfect for staring at the Schooner inside and out, and building that list of chores and repairs that need doing.

A hop out to the Dutch Store and Goats on the Roof brought back some familiar things too. The goats are actually still on the roof over there, sucking up to the tourists who stand below them taking pictures.

We have removed our tethering and the cardboard inserts to prevent items in the cupboards from falling out as some doors do open with the movement of travel. It is also a good feeling to have various neighbours waving as they walk or drive by and see us outside. We notice the trees and shrubs have grown, we have a cedar tree wall beside us, they were much smaller last year. These may get trimmed to force a thicker hedge.

We had a nice drive to Coombs for a few supplies, and noted a few changes along the way. We stocked up on stroop waffels and candied salmon.