Edmonton to Leduc     [Aug 5, 2020]

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And here we go.

Map - Port Ordze to Leduc

Leduc Lions Campground, Leduc AB (1 star)

The day has come. We reviewed our checklists and then we prepared to leave. First, to haul the Schooner out of the pasture so we could clean up where the Schooner had stood for over three months. Then Lee mowed the pasture for the last time. We went out to pick up our last Roma's donairs (they had become a favourite). Then we followed our checklists one more time (Lee outside and Lez inside the Schooner). When we were all organized and ready, Lez drove Chuck and the Schooner down the driveway as Lee looked out for low hanging branches. We made it out and headed out of Ordze Park. Lee took over the driving and we made our way via back roads to the Leduc Lions Campground. After unhooking, we drove up to BlackJacks Roadhouse for supper with the "Edmonton Crew" group of UN/NATO veterans, many having ridden out on their motorcycles. After some good conversation and well wishes we headed home. A bit of time in the lawnchairs and a bit of time on the computers and, what Lez just saw a mouse scurry across the floor. We'll have to deal with that tomorrow (or have Hobbes take care of it).

Lez rolls her eyes - we don't need this S**T *sigh* Hobbes can hear it below the floor - he may not sleep tonight as he watches for the mouse! On a different note - I have presented many of those veterans with a Quilt of Valour at their Wednesday Wing Nights, which is how we got to know them.

We also received a text from a surprised host - they did not expect that last lawn mow! We also left two big paper bags for their Crested Cockatoo "Bailey" who loves to crawl inside the bags, and talks up a storm, peeks out, rips it to shreds - a happy bird!

And happy campers are we. We made it this far, parked, detached, took a couple of mis-turns, ended up on gravelled roads - and nothing inside was broken! Will sleep well tonight!