Rolling on the primer     [Jun 3, 2022]

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Celebrating Aaron's birthday.

Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB (2 stars)

Lee notes that he wanted to work up an appetite before we all went out for Aaron's birthday, so we taped off the windows and trim, and primered the main floor.

Having finished the primer, we went out for dinner with Aaron, Chris, Alec and Mimi. It was so nice to see the four of them after about eight months away.

After a day of carefully painting around the taped windows and primering the walls, we showered up and headed out to Homefires for a birthday celebration for Aaron. On the way we stopped off at Home Depot with a swatch of curtain fabric and picked up a can of Behr Satin tint Exclusive Ivory for our walls. We checked out the laminate floor planking and are pretty sure on what we want.

It was great to see the kids looking and doing very well. Conversation was non-stop and lots of catching up, lots of laughter. We last saw them Sept 30, 2021. We spent almost three hours at the restaurant.

Coming back into the Schooner, we notice the place is already looking brighter. Hobbes is finding sleeping spots on the floor close to the newly primered walls. We are hoping they are dry enough that the paint isn't on his fur.