Manitoba and the northern prairies     [Apr - Oct 2022]

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Manitoba and the northern prairies.

This leg of our journey saw us complete the travels through northern Alberta, northern Saskatchewan, and all of Manitoba.

We were unable to enjoy these parts of our country last year because of forest fires.

As promised, the spring and summer in those parts brought mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies, and black flies like we had never experienced in our lives.

A highlight of this leg was to visit Otter Rapids where Lez's father Milow's ashes were scattered some years ago.

A highlight of the summer was getting together with the Streetheart band members. In addition to some personal visits in Winnipeg, we saw the band perform at the Rockin' the Fields of Minnedosa from back stage. Quite the exciting experience for our 40th time of seeing the band live.

A few days later we had another music festival, that being the Shake the Lake Festival in Regina. Great bans, great time.