The sun shines all around us     [Nov 18, 2023]

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A Saturday shut-out.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

This little Parksville Bay eco-system was on full display today. There were clouds all around but the sun was shining in our neck of the woods.

Back to the rink for another hockey game; it seems like it has been longer than one week since the last game. Brady is still not playing (until next Wednesday) so none of the Van Herk family were at the game. It was a close one - we beat Nanaimo 6 - 0 and outshot them 68 - 27. It's such a nice feeling when you leave the building after a win like that.

High tide on the estuary today - a VERY high tide. The water behind the RV is still below the sites, the design engineers did some good planning. There is no wind today - not a blade of the tall grasses is moving. Lee has a soup on the stove and it is smelling SOOO good. This morning's sun has been covered now, and it is cooling off inside the RV. I am continuing to transcribe the day timers and enjoying a walk back in time.

Brady was not dressed for the game tonight, but was in a suit and bow tie and video recorded the game. A young man of many talents.