California dreaming     [Nov 16, 2023]

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Some memorabilia just doesn't fit.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

The memorabilia fits into our family history of course. But some of the physical items are too large for the scanner bed. Not wanting to scan them in two pieces and then re-assemble the images, he chooses to take a picture of them with the camera. Since both the scanner and camera creates jpg's, this all works out fine.

So, I am back in the blog, daytimers are slowly being transcribed, which has been neglected since my last post on Monday the 13th. A great trip back in time.

I am experiencing memory issues - short term memory, have been for awhile. VERY frustrating. So far I have not put salt into the coffee instead of sugar. I'm sure that day will come.

I peek over Lee's shoulder as he is scanning old photos (so we can lighten our load), and seeing the old photos brings the memories back to some extent. That does not help me with yesterday.