Still love that KFC     [Nov 7, 2023]

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Memories of the Vreewijk School.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

OK, so the Netherlands website showing changes over time has got Lee's attention. Today, he created a couple of maps showing the routes he used to take when bicycling to school and when he went to visit his grandmother. He's sure they will end up on the website eventually.

He eventually pulled hmself away, picked up some KFC and had a nice supper at grandma's place.

A sunny day on the estuary, and the geese are nibbling at the food supply along our banks. There are two deer, a mom (assumed) and little one grazing on the estuary lands between the back of our RV and Shelly Park forest. A few minutes ago, the water was not flowing in or out but now the waves are coming into the waters behind us, assuming tide is coming in. Surfside developers were spot on with their shoreline and land space between the waters and the RV sites.

Tide chart says Parksville high tide at 1:54pm, 13 minutes from now, as I write. I m still fascinated by tides. Guess this girl is still a prairie girl.