First day at Surfside     [Oct 24, 2020]

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Well, this is not so bad.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Our first full day at Surfside RV and the sun is warm and shining brightly. A trio of deer walked by the RV munching on the grass and a sea otter played in the lagoon. While Lez re-organized cupboards, Lee re-organized the basement and moved stuff from the back seat of Chuck into the garage also. At the end of the day, we felt somewhat settled already. We finished the evening with a gentle reminder that we are not in a big city - the Timmies closes at 10 pm and was already out of Timbits by the time we went through the drive-thru.

Lez sips her morning coffee, outside, looking over an estuary, watching the birds and critters: Well, after the soggy welcome - the day dawned super bright, no wind and a very warm sun. Cool temps all the same. Chores calling.

As I pulled out the cardboard supports to prevent cupboard contents from trying to escape when we bounce along the highways, I realized - I won't be putting them back in for months! And, wine glasses no longer have to lay down, and while setting them up realized there are things in here we have not and will not use - out they go! So the entire set of top shelves are rearranged and ready for a stable winter, and of course, we are now looking for stuff LOLOL! I pulled out the Instant Pot and set up a slow cooker recipe for Muligatawny soup - works great and tasted great.