Unloading the kitchen sink, et al     [Jan 20, 2023]

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Lez comes home from the retreat.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Hobbes and Lee decide they better clean up the Schooner because Lez is coming home. Well, Lee did all the work while Hobbes watched.

Lez arrived around noon and we soon had all the truck contents back in the Schooner.

A very quiet drive home. Quiet you ask Yes - the week was filled with the hum of sewing machines and the laughter and chatter of 28 women. It was such a wonderful sound. I did miss my rock and roll radio station, but when Chuck and I left, the radio was annoying. So, I shut it off! It was a peaceful drive through the countryside of the island and the ferry ride with such a smooth departure I would not have known we were moving if I hadn't been looking at the forest shore in the rear view mirror at the moment we started across to the mainland. The ferry is a little craft that shuttles back and forth, no turning around as both ends are open. Drive on, ride and drive off. My view was nil as the side walls blocked all side views, and vehicles in front of me blocked any sights to see on a grey and raining ride.

I truly appreciate that GMC 1 ton that truly glides along the roads. An uneventful trip home, safe and sound and ready for fuzzy hugs! (Lee has a beard, and Hobbes is a soft furred ginger cat).