Hooray, the updates are done     [Jan 8, 2023]

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Dreary is the word of the day.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee notes that the word "dreary" describes what he sees out the windows this morning. Not "extreme cold", "snow up to the eaves", "slippery as hell", and "-30c". Just dreary, and it doesn't bother him a bit.

He finished going through his list (almost 10 pages of notes) and updating the text in the blog and in titles of photos. Wow! It's embarrassing to see how many errors there were. But, hopefully, they are corrected now and he will do a mass update to the website in the next day or so.

The skies are an off-white/grey just like the clouds that are spewing forth drops of rain. Another dreary day. Hobbes keeps wanting to go out, but gets wet and comes right back in. Normally he gets treats when he comes in. That character has determined if he goes out, gets a treat then he can go out again right way and get more treats when he comes back in! Needless to say he is mad at me now, I didn't fall for it. He gave up, ate the rest of his real food and has curled up on his pillow by the fireplace. What a life! His fur is still very soft - he gets a brushing more than once every day. It's a purrrrfect life.

My plan is to do some quilting today, my purrrrfect life.

We picked up dinner for us and mom Worel and headed over to her place to enjoy our usual non-stop evening of talk, catching up on our past week's adventures and quite often a story or two from her younger days and the younger days of my world with three siblings growing up in Regina.