Back in the saddle     [Jan 3, 2023]

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Buying copper, lots of it.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee is off early to get a new power cord for the Schooner. A local RV dealer has one. These cords carry 50 amps in a sheath so they are mighty thick and use a lot of copper. How about $ 500 bucks for 25 feet. Yuck.

Later on our maintenance guy Chris comes by and is shocked (no pun intended) to see the burnt end of the old cord. He checks that everything is back to normal.

Later on Lee says, with a slight whistle, that he needs to see a dentist. Tonight, he broke a front tooth (which is part of a bridge).

Another cold day (by west coast standards) and I stayed inside. I ploughed through that book, and continued on with the sequel "The Art of Purring" and more insight into Buddhism. Very interesting in that regard. Lee, meanwhile had to deal with a heating system issue and our local electrician/furnace technician Chris worked his magic and we have power and heat back.