Spelling mistakes abound     [Dec 30, 2022]

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Staring at the screen.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

You can stare at text on a computer screen until the cows come home and there will still be spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Lee is reviewing all the Roads Less Gravelled web pages for such boo-boos. And, adding maps to older travel days. How did those errors ever get past our sharp eyes in the past.

To get me started remembering, I am entering my blog today and actually hadn't done yesterday's.

I am sewing! Imagine that. LOL. I have a few, ok, many UFO (UnFinished Object) quilt projects and all the fabric I need . I have packed as much as I could into the Schooner wherever I could find room and it's out of the way. My goal is to hang the quilted wallhanging up in the RV before the New Year.

Weather today is now grey and raining, sun is on its way down, fog or cloud is descending on the mountains west of Parksville, and the peaks are just peeking through thin spots of the cloud/fog covering. A perfect day to work at the back table. The view of the estuary includes many Canada Geese. Entertaining - as I watched one do a faceplant upon landing. Unexpected - by the goose as much as by me.