Cat on a keyboard     [Dec 15, 2022]

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Hobbes sends an eTransfer to Abu Dhabi.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee decides to fix a few things around the Schooner that have been gathering dust in the job jar. That includes cleaning out a full year of dust in the fireplace.

Hobbes seems to watch with interest sometimes, but his choice of place to sit can be troublesome. Today, for example, he sat on Lee's laptop keyboard. Luckily no apps were running that would have accepted keyboard input. Good thing his paws did not touch the Windows key. No telling which app he might have launched.

A catch up day for chores - house cleaning - LOL, even this little home space requires attention. It doesn't take the better part of a day, nor three bathrooms and two stories in the big old house.

More sewing as the blocks of fabric are coming together.