Aaron celebrates 20 years at Norden     [Dec 13, 2022]

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We are living quite rural.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee went out for some supplies for Hobbes. He notes that Parksville and area is laced with pet and animal supply places, something we were never accustomed to in Edmonton. Nice to have, especially when you are looking for specific products. There must be many horses kept in the area.

This was a quiet day in the Schooner. Weather is a little cool and wet and sun didn't show its face until it was setting.

We had a proud parents moment today. While in high school, our eldest son Aaron spent some time at Norden Autohaus in a work experience shop class. He was subsequently hired and trained as an apprentice auto service technician. He has officially now worked for Norden Autohaus in Edmonton for 20 years as of last Friday and the shop held a small celebration for him. He recently became Shop Foreman there. The gathering included Chris too which I was very pleased to see that she was included.

Aaron sent us some videos of the event. Made our day!