How good is our memory     [Dec 7, 2022]

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Oh great, no date.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee got back to scanning slides this morning. There are now a whack of small slide boxes containing totally unmarked slides.

So that is problem number 1. We didn't mark these slides at the time they were processed. Well, probably other things on our minds way back then. Then there is problem number 2. Whoever processed these slides didn't do a good job of printing the date on them. Great! No subject and no date! The guessing continues.

Coffee catch-up with quilter friend Chris - our usual Wednesday gab session. We are members of the Parksville Quilt House Quilt Guild. Chris has been a member for many years and was very involved in the past. As I was also once so very involved in various volunteer organizations and we have a lot of shared memories of things that go on - including the politics even at that level. We solve all the world's ills and move on to our own worlds until the next week.