The otter entertained Lez     [Dec 4, 2022]

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How an otter eats a fish.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

A nice lazy day around the Schooner. Lee and lez sat out back on the bench for over an hour in the +3c sunshine. It was so quiet we could hear the people talking on the Parksville Boardwalk. At one point, it seems that all of the Canada Geese by the Boardwalk decided to leave for Shelly Park and beyond. We had a flock of over one hundred geese fly right over us. And a couple of swans that had been in the estuary in front of us up and joined the geese for the flight. Amazing.

A while later, Lee decided to grab a snooze. Judging by the pictures, Lez was highly entertained by another estuary visitor.

We awoke to a very bright, sunny morning and the RV was already warming with it. Hobbes was in and out and in and out - so we knew the weather was reasonably warm. We stepped out to a glassy estuary water surface, and sat down at the outside bench and the morning just faded away watching a deer across the estuary, an eagle flying over, a HUGE flock of Canada Geese came from the Parksville beach area - maybe 200 or so. We missed any "poop bullets", but I'm sure there is one or two more on the RV roof. The ducks were riding the tide coming into the estuary - they were moving really fast, much faster than if they were paddling. It reminded me of the kids coming down a slide at the West Edm Mall water park.

It was a totally peaceful way to spend the morning, and a camera was not even brought out. I snapped one photo with the cell phone of the view we were enjoying.

When Lee grabbed a snooze, I was checking the views out the back window and noticed an Otter at the entrance end of our estuary waterway. So I grabbed the long lens camera and ended up taking 73 photos. We have culled them, and have a few on the website.

It's dark now, and the RV is filled with something SOOO good. Lee is cooking dinner. I'd better set the table!