The Parksville Boardwalk is almost deserted     [Dec 2, 2022]

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Blustery and cold.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee would take a good blizzard anyday, after all, he is a prairie boy. But overcast, blowing off the Salish Sea is not enjoyable.

Give some people credit where credit is due though. There were three people, presumably from the Nature Trust, planting new shrubs along the estuary shore across from our Schooner. Brrr.

The wind has picked up again today, a gentle rock to the Schooner. Good to know it is only the wind. Hobbes is not impressed though. He keeps wanting to go outside. We open the door and he steps back - it's COLD and blowing in his face. He is now sleeping in his basket, ignoring the world. A seal also poked its head out briefly, but I bet he is warmer below the surface - no wind to cool him off more.

Lee braved that cold and picked up a few necessities and we are hunkered in. Perhaps a binge on Yellowstone, a video streaming series. Similar to the format of the old "Dallas" many years back. This one stars Kevin Costner. It's a goody. Popcorn on the menu.