Fire and ice in the family     [Nov 29, 2022]

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The snow is falling horizontally.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

We got out first thing and ran some errands before the snow fall started. Good thing, too. We may be prairie kids but we are not going out there when the snow flies horizontally.

On the other end of the weather scale, we got a note from Lee's sister on the Big Island in Hawaii. The Manau Loa eruption is 25 miles from their house, but the lava is flowing in the other direction. Wow! I think I will take the snow instead.

The forecast is for snow, so we head out to do the groceries earlier in the day. The wind picked up quickly and soon our patio furniture was blowing over and the outdoor mat was overturning. The snow started to come down - video shows the horizontal flow of the wind whipped snow. It's going to be a messy morning tomorrow.

Time well spent doing a wee bit of housecleaning. Too cold, windy and not fit for man nor beast outside.

Still playing with my fabrics, the strips pile is dwindling, and another seat cushion cover is coming together.