Lez does a double header     [Nov 21, 2022]

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Lee, the sherpa.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee likens it to quilts with feet. He accompanied Lez today to her presentation to the Parksville Quilt Guild. And yes, when it came to showing off a couple of Lez's larger quilts, Lee held them up, hiding his head but showing his feet. Lez even has a slide in her presentation that shows her quilt holder-upper (me) without a quilt in his hands.

The third Monday of the month is Parksville Quilt House Quilt Guild meeting day. The quilters have a choice of an afternoon meeting or an evening meeting. Currently, the group meets at Knox Church on Pym St in Parksville. There is a business meeting to start and then a guest speaker has the "floor" to present their perspective of quilting. I was honoured to be invited to be the speaker de jour and was able to share my adventures in the quilting world. Over the past few days I have been preparing a Power Point set of photos and speaking notes to go along with a world of my sewing and quilting from grade school in 1969 to now quilting with a view out my RV back window. The presentation at each of the two time slots was well received and I may have requests for the talk to other groups. I enjoy sharing the adventure and encouraging people to follow their own ideas and make them happen. Lee was along too - for the years of support to holding quilts to show.