The amateur commentator in the stands     [Nov 19, 2022]

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Memories in 1980s era slides.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee re-started the scanning of slides today. He had not done any since last spring before we left Surfside. It's slow going but five at a time really helps. With some regular effort it should be done in two or three weeks.

We had another Generals hockey game tonight and we won again. There is a woman who has sat behind us for a couple of games now who rattles on continuously about everything the team is doing wrong. Very irritating and funny all rolled into one.

Our world in slides - named and numbered are being digitized via a scanner that has a little pocket to insert a row of slides and adjusts for the thickness of the cardboard slide frame to scan the slide film. Tedious work, but to be able to view the photos, without a slide projector, is the end result and worth the effort Lee is now into 1980 photos - yup - there is a ways to go yet. Fortunately, long before Roads Less Gravelled we switched to photos instead of slides, and then digital cameras emerged.

LOL, our back row heckler at the Generals' game! She has no kind words for the refs who appear to know nothing. It is so tempting to ask her if she referees hockey. It is very annoying, but we are not changing seats as we have a great view of the rink. .