What time is it, anyways     [Nov 7, 2022]

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We got shot.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Well, how dramatic. We got shot. Actually, we got our fourth Covid shots today. Less than a minute each in the pharmacy at a local drug store.

For some reason we were both pooped a few hours later. So, we took a nap. When we got up a few hours later Lez thought it was morning and started making breakfast. Lee chuckled. Actually, it tasted pretty good having breakfast items at 9:00 pm.

LOL - we had a hearty dinner for sure.

We've picked up on the Jack Ryan made for TV series and are hooked. And now with the comfy rockers we are truly enjoying the evening adventures. The sun has set by 4:30 although it does remain light out for another half hour or so. Our furnace is running quite a bit now, as outside temps are only around +3c.