Poppies and pucks     [Nov 5, 2022]

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Own goal boo-boo.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

We headed over for a Generals game tonight. Unfortunately, Saanich's first goal was actually an own goal reminiscent of Steve Smith's blunder in the Stanley Cup western final which resulted in the Oilers losing out what could eventually have been five cups in a row. But we digress. The Generals never really recovered. The bounces, as they say, went the wrong way. Never matter - we were entertained as usual.

The pre-game Remembrance Day tribute to players' moms carried on a tradition started in 2012 as each player presented their mom with a white rose. We sit in a section of the arena in front of player Brady van Herk's family. His mom received a rose from him. A lively banter has developed between us. The game, regardless of a win or loss, always has us leaving the arena after the game with smiles on our faces.