We could sit out back for hours     [Oct 16, 2022]

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OK, so enjoy the wildlife.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee thinks that sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have this spot at Surfside. There is a constant traffic of birds and animals and we, ho-hum, just take it for granted. Until Lez gets her camera going, of course.

Planning for and packing for a quilting retreat next week, was a focus today. A stack of bags are getting filled with quilting tools and other items that will be added to the "pick and take" table at the retreat. Some patterns and projects I am no longer interested in making will find new good homes.

I spent time taking and editing the photos of the animal and bird life on the estuary too. Between the last two days, we had the Canada and Snow Geese, Malllard ducks, a Kingfisher, the Heron and even Killdeer, a prairie bird, not surprising given how dry the plant life is on the estuary at this time. Also a pair of Flickers, and one River Otter! We heard the sound of Crickets too!