A nice time with family and friends     [Oct 14, 2022]

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Over to gramma's house.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee notes that our bicycles were somewhat dusty after a summer on the prairies. Time to clean them up tomorrow.

We had a nice time at mom's with Ralph and Simona, and Herb and Janice. Lots of laughs around the dinner table.

Today was the attack the back table and sewing drawers day. There is a quilt retreat coming up on the 24th and I figured getting a start on what to take would be a good idea. I also found there is a lot of 'stuff' in those drawers that I will not use, or have decided that it is a project I do not want to do. So, a bag of items for the retreat's take-away table is now being filled. I know - hard to let go, but culling out is good, and I can move on to more interesting quilt projects - or even pattern design!

We spent our first dinner at mom's for this season! Cousin Herb and Jan, and Ralph and friend Simona joined us. Conversation was constant as we all caught up on a summer of adventures. Mom still cooks up a delicious storm - and we came home with a container of leftover stew that is delicious!