Back to the old hockey rink     [Oct 12, 2022]

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Nice views from the roof of the Schooner.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

So Lee tackles job one - the apparent water leak in the air conditioner. After enduring the usual stupid Youtube videos on how to take out an air conditioner, Lee dove in, removed four bolts and had it out on the roof.

No real gaskets to speak of. It makes him wonder if we have had dripping in the past when the carpet was still in and never noticed it. Oh well, here's hoping he has fixed it.

Tonight is our first Oceanside Generals hockey game. Stay tuned on that one.

OK, so the Generals rolled over the Kraken and entertained us greatly. The parents and grandparents of Brady Van Herk were there so we had some catching up to do.

Heading out this morning with quilter Chris who is picking up a Quilt of Valour, as she is the local QOVC rep. I will be able to give her one I did and clear a bit of space on the sewing table. We won't discuss when I actually started it - but it was when we still lived in the big house. Chris and I were joined by QOVC quilter Joan and had quite the discussions regarding how QOVC is operating these days. It felt good to know that the organization is in good hands.

Well - here we are for another season of the Oceanside Generals hockey season - BIG GRIN. I am wearing my Edmonton Oil Kings Teddy Bear Toss jersey to the games again. I love watching live hockey, especially the younger non-professional players, some of whom will one day play in the NHL. We pick seats close to centre ice, but on the home team's side. We are once again sitting in a row in front of one of the player's grandparents and parents. Lots of catching up on the past summer, and then lots of cheering from our little section as we cheer Van Herk on.

Already looking forward to another few hockey games. I'm thinking, though, I may have to make a hockey game quilt - it is a pretty cold sit.