We could hear a pin drop     [Apr 6, 2021]

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Cat in a box
Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC

Finally, the scanning of printed photos has come to an end. Lee finished off the last few batches and closed up the boxes. That was 4,761 photos scanned! And during most of it, Hobbes would snooze in the box cover under the table. Later in the evening after the scanning was complete, Hobbes tried to get back into the box, which was now closed. So, he just sat on top with a disgusted look.

After supper we wandered over to the seawall. It was after 9 pm and there was no noise in the mostly sleepy Surfside RV. The ocean was at low tide and making no noise. And there was no noise from the Island Highway up the hill in Parksville. Amazing, you could hear a pin drop. Lee has not experienced something this quiet, outside, for as long as he can remember.

Lez has a productive day: As Lee needs the quilting photos scanned, I spent a lot of today determining which of the photos really needed to be scanned, and culled out the pile. What a trip back in quilting time. Trips: to Houston TX, to the Hague in the Netherlands, to Montana, to Tofino BC, to Ottawa.....Big quilts, little quilts, give aways, off to juried shows and they made it back! And the quilter friends made - from all over the world at those international festivals. It brings home just how much we are missing due to the C19 pandaster. It also brings home how many ideas I have saved in photo for making the landscape quilted type of projects. Perfect timing, as I am about to embark on my quilt in a new "Whispers" project with others. You design your quilt from the inspiration of the previous quilt, and have no idea what the starter inspiration photo was. It's a quilter's excuse to make another quilt, based on the idea of a cirlcle of friends whisper something in the next person's ear, and the whisper goes around the circle and we have a good laugh at what the final comment states. Often not close to the original. But fun along the way. My last Whispers quilt is at mom's gallery.