Hobbes wanted out all day long [Apr 5, 2021]

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The neighbours get jabbed.

A beautiful day in Surfside. Hobbes was out three or four times, adding up to more than two hours. He just nosed around the estuary foliage and enjoyed the warm sunshine.

Our neighbours went for their Covid vaccination shots. They came home apparently unharmed.

Lez wipes her brow: Whew !! Where did the day go! VERY big grin. I spent what felt like half a day doing laundry! However, at the same time did repairs on a small rug-hooked that we use at the foot of the bed. The turned over edges were fraying. SO while the machines hummed, I handstitched. Lee wandered over to join me and we loaded up the clean undies, headed up the hill and picked up some groceries, and sushi for lunch. We had a respected distanced conversation with neighbours before tucking back inside the Schooner for the rest of the day. I did some sewing, Lee still scanning - but almost done the photos!