Easter with mom [Apr 4, 2021]

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Better than a Three Dog Night, a Five Heron Estuary.

This was a day of great bird activity in the estuary. First, Lee snapped a photo of five Blue Herons sitting together. Later on, Lee and our neighbour witnessed an upset male Canada Goose chasing another goose above the estuary. The male dove at the other one and they both ended up in the water where they continued their argument. There was water splashing for some distance as they fought. A while later, an eagle flew close by and the herons all took off. But not to escape. Instead they circled around and proceeded to hassle the eagle high in the air until it left.

Lez wishes all a Happy hoppy Easter! Miss spending it with the kids, but they did just fine with there respctive bubbles of friends. An Instapot cooked ham, and mom's scallopped potatoes were enjoyed by the three of us.