10 meters turns into 5.5 kilometers [Apr 3, 2021]

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Let's have a cup of tea on the picnic table, dear.

Talk about scope creep! Next thing Lee knows, Lez has grabbed the cameras and we are walking to some bushes along the Surfside road, about halfway to the entrance. Well, scope creep number two. We hike through the estuary brush, taking some great photos. We end up at the south end of the trailer court that borders Surfside RV. Scope creep number three. Let's take that path, Lez says. We encounter some people walking their dogs who tell us the path is a little muddy but it does end at a street. We get there after some puddle jumping. Scope creep number four. We are at the second entrance to Shelly Park and Lez says let's just walk into the park a bit until it gets too muddy. The mud never happens. Now we are in Shelly Park at the closest point to Surfside RV. Scope creep number five. We decide to try crossing the estuary at its lowest point (and it is low tide). We get pretty close, but there is too much water without rubber boots. So we backtrack into Shelly Park, take the main path back to civilization, walk down Pioneer Crescent all the way to Corfield, then down the hill, into Surfside RV and eventually back to our Schooner. 5 1/2 kilometers later, our tea time on the picnic table is over.

Lez says - what scope creep? LOL. A cute brown bunny is my laptop screen photo courtesty scope creep.

Mom had called yesterday and wondered if I would join her for a road trip into Nanaimo today. Shopping? I never say 'no' to that, so subsequently was up at the crap-a-dawn to be ready to be picked up. We got her a new patio umbrella for her balcony, and a few other goodies. All restaurants are now closed for inside eating, and our favourite Lantzville pub had only their cold outdoor patio being the seating. Hopefully we will have a chance to eat there one more time before the end of April. We did a fish and chips pickup at the British Bobby in P'ville and ate lunch at her place. And then got the giggles. What a wonderful time to be able to spend a leisurely afternoon talking about family and life and all else.

When I got back to the Schooner, I suggested tea at our picnic table and talk wandered to the pretty yellow bushes, and wondering.... and that's where the scope creep started. Blame it on the Gorse of course!