Thanking a veteran [Mar 31, 2021]

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Smiles hurt and sides ache.

Up and at them early so Lez could do a QOVC presentation to a veteran in Ladysmith. Then it was off to see Ralph's boat, Maverick, moored nearby. We spent some time walking the slips looking at all sorts of sailboats and power boats (known as stinkpots to Lez). We followed this with a quick shopping tour in Nanaimo.

Supper was at mom's place tonight as it was Ralph's last day on the island before heading to Saskatoon to manage some renovation work. Over pizza and wine, Ralph delivered the usual stories in colourful form as only Ralph can deliver.

As we got home and were unlocking the door we heard the sea lions barking loudly in the distance. Even though we're not sure we caught them in the fading light, the remarkably calm evening over the shoreline was worth it.

Lez is tired! Yes, I was up at 8 a.m. You do understand that in my retired world and RV'ing, that there is only one 8 o'clock in my day, and it's not the morning one. Our day started with my own version of the Micky D's egg mc muffin - with the egg, bacon and cheese on the leftover buttermilk biscuits.

Quilt packed, cameras loaded, ready for an adventure day. Off to Ladysmith to present Wesley, a veteran, with a Quilt of Valour. He and his wife met us on their driveway. He wore his uniform with his 7 medals from his service. As we opened the quilt for him, his first reaction was "Peggy's Cove"! The fabric used is "Postcards from Canada", and he is from there and is hoping to be able to travel back there one day.

We then had a great social distance visit and then off to Ralph's Maverick.

By the end of the day, my cheeks were sore from all the smiles and my sides ached from all the laughter at Ralph's story telling. With the full day and lots of fresh air from start to finish, I will no doubt sleep well past 8 am tomorrow. April 1st! One month of island life and then more travels will begin.