Brants and beaches [Mar 30, 2021]

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The Brant flotilla.

We had a nice video call before breakfast with Lee's aunt Riet and cousin Hanneke in the Netherlands. It was Riet's 80th birthday. The conversation was mostly upbeat even though Riet's husband (Lee's uncle Kees) is once again in the hospital for tests.

After breakfast we headed out to get some groceries and re-supply our dwindling wine cellar. With that completed, we wandered the shoreline at a very low tide, perhaps the lowest we have seen since landing here. There were lots of Brant Geese feeding in the low waters and great expanses of exposed shoreline to explore.

We finished off with a great King Crab dinner.

Lez is rejuvinated: Starting with a great video visit with the Lekkerkerk rellies and then a walk along the tide out shores that was really refreshing. It's so weird to take pictures looking back to the shoreline and be standing on seashells, gravel and sand that is, more often than not, underwater. We took close to 100 photos today. I've removed the blurries and duplicates and we are still sitting with 68 to choose a day photo from, and choose another dozen to show and share. It just makes up for no photos taken yesterday - VERY big grin.

Dinner also included our new favourite buttermilk biscuits and a good bottle of Gruner Veltliner.