Jo Photographer [Mar 29, 2021]

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Blustery winds and a cozy Schooner.

It was just not pleasant today, with the winds blowing from all directions (how is that possible, Lee?). A good day to stay inside and scan old photos. We did manage a short walk to the sea wall.

Lez stretches and yawns: the weather dictates our days to some degree. Today was a definite stay inside but not without enjoying it! A video conference with quilter friends Ev and Fran really helped brighten the afternoon. We have gathered over the years once a week, along with Janet at Marj's until she moved to Duncan.

When docked on the acreage last spring, I was able to join Ev and Anita, her sister-in-law, but once we left to travel at the end of last July, my sew day gatherings have completely stopped. Covid restrictions play a part in that too. What a change.

As of midnight today in BC, with Surrey and Victoria major hot spots, C-19 and variants are on the rise, the province has put social restrictions in place across the province again. We are doing our best to avoid all group ventures, and being conscious of social protocols. But there are places obviously not following protocol.