The snow won't stop us [Mar 28, 2021]

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Scanning in the snow.

So just as Lee finishes the first of the two boxes of photos, it starts to snow (a bit). We will not live this down.

The first box has been completely scanned. 3,012 photos processed!

Later on, we joined mom, Ralph and the kids in Edmonton, including Alec's new friend Mimi for family dinner. There were lots of laughs, some coming from the mad waving of hands whenever the audio cut out on the connection. All in all, a fun time.

Lez is watching a minute by minute weather change: Good morning!... Ok it's 12:15 pm, just after breakfast. Will finish up blog later for sure, but at this point, it's catch up on the photos and family dinner. One last dinner at mom's to enjoy the banter with my brother AND our boys until who knows when as Ralph is heading back to the mainland next week. Alec and Mimi were preparing their dinner together in her kitchen. It was a pleasure to meet the lady in his life.