Another tree hugger nature lesson [Mar 27, 2021]

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Forestry Science.

Lee has got his head down (sort of) scanning photos so we can discard the 'hard copy'. It also offer a sneak peak into adventures we have had, as the photos whip through the scanner, four at a time.

Our neighbours, Ron and Cami, provide entertainment everytime we are outside. It usually consists of humorous banter between the tree huggers and the flat landers.

Lez notes: Another quiet day on the estuary, this time enjoying a mixed day of warm sun, cooler breezes and a stroll along the sea wall to the Surfside Spit - our favourite go to spot. Today we learned about the Cedar - the tree that provides the wood for just about every outdoor back yard building project we see in BC. It needs no chemical/paint finish. The Cedar is a "Mother Tree", as we were informed by Mr. A next door - and I looked it up too! A very basic explanation is the cedars nurture the forest through their excess nitrogen and carbon emissions into the soil - needed by other plants! Am still learning something old every day. Fascinating and now I understand why a walk through a forest does wonders for a person's state of mind and health.