Herons all over the place [Mar 26, 2021]

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Cat in the box.

Lee started out by fixing a few things around the Schooner, including an electrical connection for Lez's mid-arm foot pedal attachment. That makes the mid-arm sound like a grand piano, but the mid-arm only plays one note and it's a pretty rough one at that. LOL. It was so nice in the sunshine that we had lunch on the picnic table. Lee continued full-tilt into scanning old pictures. He's up to 2,330 photos scanned since he started a couple of days ago. The old HP scanner is smokin'! Hobbes has not been able to resist jumping in, sleeping in, chewing on, the box cover for the photos. Curiosity never leaves a cat.

Lez packs up the sewing machine: Don't panic! I brought out the mid-arm quilting machine!! I'm warming up the fingers for free-motion quilting again, as I have a few little projects ready to quilt. But first, clean and oil the machine as it has sat un-used since we were in Port Ordze. LOL - now to find the gloves, the threads, need a new needle, this one is getting dull. Time to check out the LQS - Local Quilt Shop. Did get two small wall-hanging sized quilts quilted. Won't show just yet, they are "Thank You" gifts. Now, to spend some time this evening at the design table.