Desk work required. [Mar 25, 2021]

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Scanning our history.

Lee started scanning old photos today. We hope to finish them all before we head to Alberta. The salmon dinner was a nice interruption to the day.

Lez opens the doors and windows: what a great weather day today! So beautiful - high of 11, minimal wind and clear blue skies. That sun is warm. Hobbes took me for a walk today, Lee was on laundry detail today, so it was my turn to follow the little beast down the estuary. He loved it. Stopped and settled into his sphynx "pose" a couple of times. I showed the big traditional quilt top to a few of the neighbours, as many were outside enjoying the sun today. I spent the afternoon, sewing the last bits needed on a few projects. Now to tuck that machine away and bring out the quilting machine. Lee scanning photos, and our occassional reminiscing moment or good chuckle. Now catching up on 3 days of blog, and need to tend to some photos too. Ahh, bored? Are you kidding?