Peace, man! [Mar 22, 2021]

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The tree huggers make fun of us.

So, the mistake was in telling our neighbours, Ron and Cami, that we have a VW Bus. They had one many years ago (a bay window style). Well, next thing is that Lez sends them photos of Crucker, our 1965 VW Bus. Soon thereafter, Cami comes out of their RV saying to Ron and laughing 'Come look at these photos'.

We were soon inundated with 'cool', 'peace', 'far out' and other gibberish. But it was fun. Those tree hugger neighbours have not heard the last of this.

Lez burps: Ahhh Breakfast at Ricki's. We enjoyed breakfast out - ok - we were out of oranges for juice, fruit to go with cereal and we were planning on getting groceries. BUT never buy groceries on an empty stomach - so off we went!

Weather was a little warmer today - spent some time reading the latest Canadian Quilter Magazine in the lawn chair outside. Put together a little trip down memory lane - a set of photos of Crucker, the VW van and shared with Ron & Cami. We are now dubbed "the Hippies". Far out man!