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Our social butterfly.

Lee had Hobbes out after breakfast for a bit. Our neighbours, Ron and Cami, were outside. Hobbes wandered over and as usual, the audience could not resist him. Cami picked him up and he got the usual cuddles and scratches. What a guy!

We had a great family dinner at mom's place. Ralph was there, as well as the three kids via Webex. A great assortment of laughs and tales were told.

Lez pedals madly: No, am not riding the bicycle! My sewing machine is just "smokin" - a quilt top is underway and I want to take it to mom's (family dinner night) and show her! That's all I did today! Oh - had a great dinner with mom and bro and the kids. We chatted after Ralph left, sharing more stories of our adventures over the years.