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Pumpkin in spring time.

Lee hopped out today to get some mushed pumpkin in a can, which we will mix with Hobbes' regular food to help him be, er, more regular.

Lee also finished our 2021 AB-SK-MB leg of the Roads Less Gravelled adventure. We can now tell all who need to know when we will be in Edmonton (three times, early May, mid August and mid September).

Lez is getting antsy: We have had an absolutely wonderful winter here in Parksville and will still be around for a while. Thoughts are leaning towards our next adventure, taking along the memories of being able to spend time with mom. We had "virtual" visits around the dinner table as we enjoy family dinners with mom. We must ensure she has the link on her tablet so she can join us connected with the kids for family dinner on occasion. Our great neighbours, Cami and Ron will definitely be missed, even the cheeky banter. Hopefully this next month we will be able to spend real evening time around the fire pit!