Fix this, adjust that, enjoy the sunshine [Mar 17, 2021]

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Latches and lifts.

Lee took advantage of the nice weather to repair the right side locker door, known to us as the basement door. The latches were locking up and the piston lift was slowly coming loose from the door. That got all fixed up. Lee then rebuilt our 2021 summer tour to include visits to Edmonton for some appointments. We are definitely getting excited. We had an early schnitzel and spaetzle dinner, always a great meal.

Lez worked up a sweat: Nothing like housecleaning to get the blood moving. The little vacuum earned its keep again pulling up more lint than I would have guessed. The weather was nice enough to open windows and let some of the fresh warm air blow through. Really, when it comes to everyday - the RV is no different that a house - sinks & bathrooms need cleaning, carpets shaken out, tops of doors, behind counter trinkets cleaned, and all that. Upside here is that we are using 1/10th the time. Next effort will be cleaning the outside of the RV. Next warm sunshine day.... next week.