The Brant Geese were here in the hundreds [Mar 16, 2021]

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The Brant Geese are here.

In the afternoon, we wandered over to the Parksville Boardwalk (about 100 meters away) and strolled towards the inner bay along with many people and their dogs. As we neared the far end, we could see many birds far off on the low tide sand bars. We headed onto the sand and wandered out for quite a distance before we got close enough to see that these were Brant Geese. These geese come through every year on their way to Alaska. They have a distinctive honk.

Lez high fives: We finally found the Brant Geese! Yes, they have arrived at the Parksville Beach. Hundreds. Walking a ways out on the low tide too was great to do. It was a great stretch of the legs after lots of standing, sitting, standing, sitting as I am working on a quilt - stitching, getting up to press seams, cut more pieces, sit and stitch - pretty mundane, but oh so fulfilling.