Sewing machine humming, Hobbes out grooving (Mar 15, 2021)

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Our country gentleman.

Lee did some repair work around the Schooner and soon Hobbes decided he needed a walk. There were a number of neighbours out back of their units, so Hobbes met most of them. One of them, Cass, has a dog the same size as Hobbes. Neither were being held on leashes, so her dog nervously approached Hobbes. He just sat there as they came nose to nose, but he never even twitched. Such an amazing boy he is.

Lez is pedal to the metal: the sewing machine humming along, radio playing old rock and roll, and rows on the quilt starting to look good. Hobbes was outside a lot today, spring must be here. Plus, I think he is getting used to the estuary and now has his new haunt duly marked. Very few Canada geese are around and those that are, are paired off. No more curious geese lining up to inspect the yellow creature. More Heron are showing up, Eagle are also more prolific. This could all be because the herring are here.

I just noticed how little we are adding KM's to Chuck. Good thing too as gas prices here are now $1.44.9 for regular. Ouch! (Edm is at 116.9 today).