Chatting with the neighbours (Mar 14, 2021)

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The calm before the storm.

Hobbes took Lee for a walk along the back of the RVs in a very sunny and still afternoon. Moments later a humongous wind came up, bending the large trees between us and the boardwalk. Lez hurried over to the seawall to see the herring boats working in such a high wind. We could hardly stand up to take pictures.

Later on we went to mom's for family dinner. This week there were mom, Ralph, Aaron, Chris, Lez and Lee, as Alec was in Lake Louise. We had a great time during the on-line video call, with Aaron and Ralph both confirming their place as the Worel family storytellers.

Lez smiles: It is that smile of contentment as the quilt blocks are getting made, and a rhythm is emerging and fewer seams need to be revised. But living on the Georgia Strait waters one can never be complacent. As Lee and Hobbes were out for a "walk" the air was still, sun very warm 12C. Suddenly there was a dull roar and then a very loud roar of wind through the trees. Within the next 5 minutes, the temperature dropped to 6C, anything not tied down was now in someone else's lot.

On the upside, if the wind or squall hadn't hit, we never would have seen the herring boats fishing in our waters today.