Herring fishing intensity (Mar 13, 2021)

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Lez is sitting in the back of the caboose.

Today we wandered to French Creek to see what the Herring haul was all about. WOW! We watched the seiner "Christav" come into the harbour, and a little research says the steel boat was built in 1978 by John Manly Ltd in New Westminster BC. The nets that we share here are a small Brailer, and are used to transfer the Herring from the scow to the seiner. We also picked up some salmon, crab and "spot prawns" to fill our little freezer. Lunch/dinner was enjoyed at the French Creek Marine Pub. Fish and chips of course!

On the way to French Creek, we saw a beautifully restored circa 1952 Chevrolet cab-over pickup truck. So nice to see one on the road, the first one Lee had ever seen outside of the Barrett Jackson Car auction in Scottsdale.

Lez laughs: Yes, once Quilts of Valour - Canada got rolling, the society support, the quilters, the recipients all became an engine of veteran support. I receive recognition and many thank you's. Yes, I founded the society, but I would note the train has left the station and I am hanging on to the caboose! I am, indeed, still in the caboose at the back of the train - but now watching that world go by, quilting and smiling and happy to see the new crew taking charge.

And in that caboose is a sewing machine and bolts of fabric - and the sewing machine is humming along working on a Quilt of Valour that I plan to leave with the local rep for presentation on the Vancouver Island. I have a very real deadline too!