Eagles too close for comfort (Mar 12, 2021)

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The eagle likely spotted Hobbes

It was a still start to the morning. After a while, Hobbes went out for a walk. Lee kept an eye on an eagle sitting in Surfside's 'eagle tree'. Not long after, the eagle flew almost overhead on its way to the Parksville Bay. That was too close for comfort and Hobbes was back in the Schooner in short order.

Later on, Lee wandered to the Boardwalk to see what was new. Nothing. No Brandt Geese, no sound of sea lions nor even any highlight views to photograph.

Lez sighs: And knuckles down to straighten up the sewing table. Bits of fabric everywhere, cutting tools, rulers, pattern pieces, and pins everywhere. What a joyful place to be! A few photos to edit, but the day was pretty much taken up sewing! All prepped to add the last sections to the maple leaves. That and another scrumptuous dinner being prepared by Chef Lee! A quiet, busy, successful and good day.